"I suppose you were lucky. He might have reported you."

"I was lucky, just to get booted. The place was awful. Alkies and winos, the whole crew, from the manager on down. Expect Carl. Disgusting."

"Tom's heard about a good job painting. They need several people. Easy work. They don't pressure you, and they don't care who you are."

"Tom? At Brian's?"

"Yes. I've been seeing Brian again."



"Don't say 'Oh.' It's silly how you two won't talk. Brian's just a kid, Sitvar. you're a man."

"Wow! What does that mean?"

Frishta stammered, I'm not sure."

"Neither am I."

"But those people never see you anymore. Straight Mick just mentioned you."

"straight Mick! How is he?"

"Fine. He's making a big score--big, over five kilos of Lebanese hash."

"That's nice."

"He's bringing it back next Tuesday night. We could go over there."