"That occult book shop on Southampton Row opened a head shop in the basement. They have camomile, too." She held out the sack. "Try some."

"How many should I take?"

Just a few. Chew them. Maureen?"

Maureen declined. "No thanks. I'd freak on anything new just now."

"They don't get you high. They're just licorice."


"No, no. Thank's. Everyone else had some, except Brian, who did not look up from his cigarette when Frishta offered the seeds to him.

Phil steered Maureen to the couch, and sat next to Brian. Everyone else sat on the floor.

Frishta asked, "When is your trial, Phil?"

Phil rapped his knuckles on the wooden floor as he said, "Good God, Frishta! Let's not be mentioning trials tonight, what? Two days, for better or worse."

Sitvar: "Trial?"

Aleck volunteered, "My flat was busted a month ago, a real horror. But it should work out all right."

"First offense?"

"Yes." There was a pause.

Maureen reflected, "I was never so excited in my life." Phil rapped his knuckles on the floor.

Frishta asked. "How was your trip?"