Conspiracy Tells Students to Find Joy Of Learning

Be-ins, happenings, and orgies are very nice, but The Conspiracy has a higher goal: proving it is possible to combine learning and joy.

The 250 students and Faculty members in Lowell Lecture Hall did not get a detailed plan of action last night. They did get apples, music, laughs, and thoughts. They sat at the front of the auditorium and on the stage and all around The Conspirators and listened to speeches and made their own.

Nicholas Gagarin '70, a Conspirator, said that the planned Festival of Life would stop the Harvard routine and let people "draw back for a minute from the education machine we're caught up in."

"Instead of just one Festival of Life, make every day a festival and start responding with life in the classroom," said a student.

Later, people broke into smaller groups and followed Gagarin's advice to "meet each other and find out what the people sitting around you are thinking."

"My father always says 'Life is not a perpetual orgasm,' to which I reply 'Crap,'" said a Cliffie.