Faculty Supports Gymnast's Cause But Extends No Direct Assistance

Gymnastics at Harvard suffered a serious setback yesterday when the Faculty Committee on Athletics decided to cooperate with the gymnasts but take no initiative action in solving their problems.

The major question facing the Committee was the need for a gymnastics coach. Eric Cutler, Assistant Director of Athletics, reported that the Faculty wants to hire a coach if the gymnasts can find one for the right price. "But the Faculty is not looking for a coach," Cutler emphasized.

The gymnasts also had asked the committee to make available a practice room larger than the cramped exercise room at Hemenway Gym. Cutler said that the Committee decided that Hemenway is the only available space at Harvard. The Faculty also acknowledged a request from a group of graduate students that their exercise room be returned.

The other major decision before the Committee was whether Cliffies would be allowed to join the gymnasts at Hemenway. Several girls in modern dance classes have expressed an interest in gymnastics. Mary G. Paget, coordinator of Recreational Activities at Radcliffe, has promised facilities and financial aid, but not until Harvard obtains a trained coach.

The Committee, though it did not commit itself to finding a coach, encouraged the gymnasts to work with Miss Paget in reaching a solution to their problems. Although the girl's team would require a balance beam and a free-exercise mat, Cutler said that the gymnasts "have all the equipment they need."