YD Resolution on ROTC Charges Corporation Will Overrule Faculty

The Executive Board of Harvard's Young Democrats endorsed a resolution Sunday night accusing the Corporation of overruling the Faculty proposal to eliminate ROTC's privileges on campus.

Condemns the Corporation

The resolution condemned Corporation efforts to reach a compromise with the Pentagon over ROTC's status, Charles E. Schumer '71, YD president, said yesterday.

The Corporation has reserved the right to offer ROTC continued free use of campus buildings, said John D. Stephens '70, the YD member who drafted the resolution.

Stephens said he based his charges on President Pusey's statement in a letter to Dean Ford last month. Pusey's letter said that the Corporation, not the Faculty, has the right to allocate space in Harvard buildings.

Unless students apply pressure, the Corporation will continue to give privileges to ROTC in order to satisfy the Pentagon and keep the program on campus, Stephens added.

Stephens, who is also a member of the Young People's Socialist League (YPSL), said that YPSL had already approved the resolution. Stephens will present the anti-ROTC resolution to a future meeting of the Student-Faculty Advisory Council--of which he is also a member.

YPSL and YD members plan to circulate a petition demanding that "the Corporation make no contract concerning ROTC."

"We may call a student strike over this issue," Schumer said, but explained that any action would depend on how many students signed the petition and how the University reacted to the demands.