Master Gill to Take Sabbatical; Buckley Will Be Leverett Head

Richard T. Gill '48, Master of Leverett House, will take a one-year sabbatical leave from Harvard beginning this June. In his absence, Jerome H. Buckley, Professor of English, will serve as acting Master.

Gill made the announcement to the Leverett Senior Common Room last week. He said yesterday that he will spend the year in London working on a sequel to Economics and the Public Interest, a textbook which he published last month.

"I particularly don't want to be formally affiliated with any particular institution while I'm in London," Gill said, but added that he would probably spend some time at the London School of Economics.

He said that he would also spend some time studying student-faculty relations at European universities.

"I think its's very important to get some perspective on Harvard and Cambridge, particularly for a House Master," Gill said. "I want some time to reflect on my experiences without being caught up in the daily routine of the House."


Buckley said yesterday that he does not plan any major innovations in House administration. "I don't think that it's up to me to institute any great new programs in Leverett House. Certainly some things will be different, because different people have different approaches."

Buckley added that he was particularly interested in the Leverett House Opera Society. "I can't sing a note, though," he said. I'll probably spend the whole year running around like a wire-haired terrier looking for my Master's voice."