The Graduate School Students Association plans a meeting at 10 a.m. today in Memorial Church of all interested GSAS students and members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. John L. White, secretary of the GSAS, said last night that a similar meeting is planned for Friday.

In a meeting of 80 of the 130 students present in Cambridge last night, the Graduate Student Association of the department of Social Relations voted overwhelmingly to support the six SDS demands plus:

* full voting membership for GSAS students and undergraduates on the Faculty committee considering punishment for the University Hall occupiers;

* an admission policy eliminating all forms of preference except those of academic potential and skill, with allowances made for inadequate education;

* that one-tenth of Harvard's total investment portfolio be invested in low-in-come housing;

* and, by a much closer vote, of 26-18, that total amnesty be granted to the University Hall occupiers.

The students voted that "these demands are not to be taken as positions of intransigence."