Soldiers' Field Resolutions

Following are texts of the resolutions passed at the Soldiers' Field meeting on Monday.)

Alexander Korns moved that "This body repudiates the right of the Harvard Corporation to close our University."

Marc Roberts moved the following demands which incorporate amendments accepted by him during the course of the debate:

"We demand that:



a. The Corporation immediately terminate its contractual obligations with the Department of Defense regarding ROTC, and commit itself not to negotiate any new contracts, non-contractual agreements, or informal arrangements of any kind regarding ROTC.

b. The University replace any scholarship aid lost to Harvard students as a result of the termination of the contract.


a. No further physical expansion of Harvard take place until the views of the surrounding community are represented in the decision-making process.

b. Harvard must immediately commit its resources to the development of 3000 housing units, at least one half of which must be devoted to the elderly and low-income families of Cambridge. Funds necessary for the planning must be allocated immediately, and the development plan must be formulated and announced by January 1, 1970

c. In addition to the above:

(i) Harvard must not take any dwelling units out of the non-University housing stock until it has provided new relocation housing in the nearby area at a comparable cost for the households to be displaced. This is explicitly meant to include the University Road apartments and the housing on the Harvard Affiliated Hospital site.

(ii) No relocation occur until a representative group of community residents, students, and faculty report on all matters pertaining to the University's relation to the Hospital and University Road apartments.

(iii) Any increase in graduate or undergraduate enrollment must be accompanied by an equivalent increase in the number of new units which Harvard will develop.

d. Harvard must commit at least 25 per cent of all its residential property to the leased public housing program. This must be done without removing (or counting as part of the 25 per cent) non-Harvard affiliated people now living in University-owned residential property.