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The Mail


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Although we disagree on minor points, we, the undersigned, members of the Harvard Medical School Faculty, support the substance of the 8 teaching fellow demands approved at Harvard Stadium Monday. We recognize that Dean Ebert of the Medical School, in contrast to the Faculty and administration in Cambridge, has taken seriously the demand relating to the medical School and has had active discussion with students, Faculty and employees on this issue.

In view of our support of the teaching fellow demands, we firmly believe that the students have no other way, at this time, to insure implementation of them than by the present strike. We, therefore, support that strike.

We deplore the continued refusal of the administration, the Corporation and the Board of Overseers to consider the demands immediately. The vague statements of Faculty groups that assure the students that action will be taken after appropriate study groups have looked into the situation are inadequate. Immediate action is essential. We ask that the Faculty of Arts and Sciences support these demands.

We ask that the Medical School and the Division of Medical Sciences refuse to send representatives to the committee set up by President Pusey to handle future emergencies. The composition and origin of this committee make it unlikely that it will be responsive to the entire University community. Zach W. Hall   John Nicholls   Mario Capecchi   Dennis Gould   Harold Amos   Torsten Wiesel   Jonathan Beckwith   Michael A. Bratt   Luigi Gorini   Edwin J. Furshpan   David D. Potter

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