Bruner Motion

(The following is the text of the resolution concerning ROTC which the Faculty adopted yesterday.)

By its action of February 4, 1969 the Faculty voted to remove credit from ROTC courses and to withdraw Faculty membership from ROTC staff officers. To clarify more fully this Faculty's intent concerning ROTC, we petition the governing bodies to accept and implement the following recommendations:

1)That the principle governing ROTC be that it operate as other ordinary extracurricular activities with no special privilege or facilities granted either by contract or informal arrangement.

2) That existing contracts inconsistent with this principle be terminated as soon as legally possible and that scholarship funds be provided where need is created by this decision.

3)That the University enter into no new contract or informal arrangement that is inconsistent with this principle.

4)That any student who wishes to participate in ROTC do so in a manner consistent with this principle.


5)That the University provide advice and consultation to students and to the military services with a view toward facilitating the participation of Harvard students in such continuing ROTC programs as they may wish to participate in consistent with this principle.

Recognizing that this motion extends beyond the jurisdiction of this Faculty, we urge that this proposal be submitted to other interested Faculties and adopted as the policy of the University.