Crimson Golfers Face Tough Quakers, Lions

After winning its last two matches by lopsided scores, the golf team faces its tough match since Navy this afternoon against Penn and Columbia.

The golf team to the Quakers last year. 4 1/2 - 2 1/2, in the only loss the team incurred besides the Yale match. Captain Bruce LoPucki is looking for revenge this year. "Our team is really psyched up for this match; I really think we're going to beat them," LoPucki said.

No Sweat

The Crimson golfers should not have that much trouble with Columbia. The Lion golf team won only five matches last year and they have only four veterans returning.

The Crimson golfers, by winning the Easterns last year, have a psychological edge over the troublesome Quaker team. Match play, unlike professional medal play, is scored on the number of holes a golfers wins. "In professional golf, the golfers are challenging the hole and the course. When we compete, we are playing against the man from the opposition," LoPucki said.


Tommy Wynne, another member of the golf team, said that cockiness helps beat the opponent. "The other guy knows that you have won the Easterns, so he is a bit scared. When you walk out cocky it really scares the hell out of him." Wynne said.