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Two unidentified students interrupted a lecture yesterday in Economics 144.

The students asked the lecturer, assistant professor of Economics, George Eads, why he wasn't talking about more relevant subjects. At the time, Eads was talking about section one of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and its relation to the Socony Oil case.

No Eviction

After the disruption began, several students rose to evict to evict the pair. Eads instructed them not to, and also told his students not to call the police.

The last fifteen minutes of the class were spent in discussion between the students who had interrupted the class and the others.

The class was being held inside Sever despite the picket lines on either side of the building. Eads said that attendance was near normal.

Eads said he suspected from the beginning of the lecture at 10 a.m. that the class might be disrupted, since two students were standing near the blackboard while he talked. The interruption came at 10:45 a.m.

Eads had changed today's scheduled hour exam to a take-home exam.

"We have no idea who it [the disruption] was," Michael Ansara '68, a member of the SDS Steering Committee said. The Steering Committee has taken no official position on class disruption, although a number of individuals on the committee have expressed dissatisfaction with the tactic.

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