Faculty Elects 9 To Study Crisis

The Faculty yesterday elected nine of its members to serve on the new committee of 15 which has been delegated, among other charges, to discipline students in the occupation of University Hall.

The elections were held at yesterday's Faculty meeting, at which a resolution calling upon the new committee to establish a panel of jurists to aid the committee in reaching its decisions on discipline was defeated.

The resolution was defeated by a standing vote after several speakers noted that the new committee could still establish such a committee if it wished, even if the resolution lost.

The tenured Faculty members elected to the new committee are: John T. Dunlop, David A. Welles Professor of political Economy; John T. Edsall '23, professor of Biological Chemistry; Alan E. Heimert '49 Master of Eliot House; Stanley M. Hoffmann, professor of Physics; Benjamin I. Schwartz '38, profesor of History and Government; and James Q. Wilson, professor of Government.

Non-tenured members are: Donald G. M. Anderson, assistant professor of Applied Mathematics, and Roger Rosenblatt, Allston Burr Senior Tutor in Dunster House.


Hoffmann and Wilson were elected on the first ballot; the remainder were elected on the second. Elections for the five students seats are not yet complete, and the one law professor who is to serve on the committee has yet been selected.