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The Mail


To the Editors of The CRIMSON:

I wish to clarify a point brought to my attention by a member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences who was present at the meeting of Faculty Dept. Chairmen and student representatives called by President Pusey to advise him on future disorders on April 14. He has indicated to me that I may have misled many people who heard me speak at the Soldiers' Field rally the afternoon of April 14. He was referring to that part of my statement where I stated that President Pusey refused me entry to the meeting as a representative of the Association of African and Afro-American Students at Harvard-Radcliffe. This statement is true. I was speaking to the point of an administrative response (at the highest level) to the efforts of an important, concerned, and legitimate student organization to participate in this advisory group. If this response of the President was an example of administrative reaction, then it was felt that students would be more effective in dealing with the faculty directly for their demands, and to this end we urged that the student strike be continued beyond April. This was the point, substance, and direction of my argument.

I was not speaking to the separate, and to my mind less important, issue of whether or not I did or did not eventually get into that meeting. Eventually, I was able to get inside of the room of the meeting. Since I was not speaking to this point, I had no intention to mislead people about this point.

After I was refused entry to the meeting by the President, I left University Hall. Walking away from the building, I came upon Asst. Dean Epps, and explained the situation to him. He offered to intercede on my behalf. We walked back to University Hall, and transmitted it to Mr. William Bentick-Smith, the Administrative Assistant to the President, who was now chairing the meeting since President Pusey had left. After some discussion, and after I had talked with a member of my organization who was attend the meeting in another capacity, I was allowed into the room. I informed the group that I was an observer from the Association of African and Afro-American Students to this meeting. Myles V. Lynk '70

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