Office Hours Set By Angered Afro

Members of the Association of African and Afro-American Students (Afro) met last night after the Faculty meeting and announced that they will hold "office hours" today in University Hall.

"We will hold office hours in University Hall from 9 a.m. until noon tomorrow, and we want all Faculty members who are truly interested in the concept of Afro-American studies to come talk with us," an Afro representative said after the meeting. Afro members would not clarify what "office hours" meant.

Afro is also trying to contact Edward Mason, acting dean of the Faculty, to urge him to notify the Faculty and ask them to talk to the students.


"We want to make it perfectly clear that this is the last talking we will do with the Faculty," a black student said after the meeting. "It would be an understatement to say that we were outraged by what happened at the Faculty meeting. It added insult to longstanding injury. The Faculty thought its dinner was more important than the things we have been working and waiting for for months."


After the session in University Hall, Afro members will march to Soldiers' Field for tomorrow's mass meeting. None of the Afro members revealed last night what position Afro would support at the mass meeting.