The Mail

To the Editors of The CRIMSON:

We are a group of Harvard alumni who are concerned that the present members of the University community may think that the conservative alumni prominently quoted by the press are representative of all alumni. For that reason, we express our views on the current crisis, mindful of the fact that primary responsibility for ensuring the future of Harvard rests with the community of faculty and students.

1. We deplore the forcible occupation of University Hall.

2. We believe that Pres. Pusey's action action in calling the police was precipitate, and may have endangered the future of the University.

3. We agree with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences that all criminal charges against members of the University should be dropped, and we urge the civil authorities of Cambridge to cooperate to that end.


4. We support that aim of restructuring Harvard to ensure that it will be a more democratically governed community of scholars. Appropriate procedures for achieving this end are emerging from the votes of the several faculties and student bodies in the last few days.

5. we support the student demands calling on Harvard to contribute materially to the solution of the Cambridge and Boston housing crisis.

6. We support the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in its determination to end the academic status of ROTC, and deplore any attempt by the governing board to evade the mandate of the Faculty. Michael W. Bate '58   Robert L. Brandfon GSAS '62   James F. Gilligan '57   Joseph D. Hinkle L'67   Robert H. Johnson '61   Richard J. Levy '58   James A. Sharaf '59   Ralph F. Fuller L'49   John T. Williams '60   Ernest T. Winsor '58