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About 250 students, mostly SDS members, took Philosophy Hall at Columbia University yesterday afternoon. They left it voluntarily at 11 p.m. last night.

The University officials served the demonstrators with an injunction at 9:30 p.m. A melee broke out when they entered the building through underground tunnels.

Fifteen minutes later about 30 conservative students charged the building, setting off fire crackers and scuffling with the demonstrators.

The demands include the abolition of ROTC and acceptance of all applicants for the freshman class from several local high schools.

The demonstrators had decided early in the demonstration to leave the building voluntarily before police came, but aparently the decision was not publicized. They claimed that the injunction actually had not been served.

The recommendations of a Columbia student-faculty committee to remove ROTC course credit, professorships, and university space would not be considered by the trustees until negotiations with other universities and the Navy Department insured " the safeguarding of the interests of students now enroled in the program," Andrew W. Cordier, acting president of Columbia, announced earlier yesterday.

The University council has already approved the report the report. The only ROTC unit at Columbia is sponsored by the Navy, Tom Anderson, a Spectator reporter, said that some of the trustees had indicated that they were anxious to adopt the report without change.


About 80 Yalies tried to enter a faculty meeting yesterday afternoon. They were turned back at the door by campus policemen.

Part of the group was associated with the Coalition for a New University which has been trying to open faculty and corporation meetings for the last two months.

Eleven members of the group independently sent Yale President Kingman Brewster a letter yesterday asking that:

* contracts with the CIA and Defense Department be disclosed and ended;

* ROTC contracts be ended and university scholarships be substituted for ROTC scholarships;

* the corporation include eight members of the Yale community, including non-academic employees;

* students participate in determining academic policy;

* members of Yale and the New Haven communities participate in expansion decisions.

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