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The Mail


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

My disappointment with the administration's hasty resort to police force is acute. I had hoped that openness, patience and a willingness to learn from, as well as teach students might characterize Harvard. Greatness like character, has constantly to be re-earned. The swift call for force is not only unbecoming in educational leaders, but inexcusable folly as the present student-faculty reaction confirms.

Over a year ago (while minister of the Old Ship Church in Hingham, Massachusetts) I predicted, via a sermon, that Harvard would riot precisely because the administration would not, or could not listen to what many students were saying.

The times have changed since my days at Harvard. New times call for new responses and leaders are expected to solve problems or at last endure them constructively.

The present administration has done neither. I believe this official attitude must change. I doubt that President Pusey is open to much change, but someone must be if Harvard is to be in the future, what is has been in the past.

Police power is no substitute for justice. The imposition of old truths upon the new realities of our contemporary world inevitably lead to grotestque distortions. Our sense of justice and the responsible use of power are usually two of the most seriously maimed values in such an unfortunate conflict.

Gentlemen, I would hardly plead for compassion, but for the sake of God and man love Harvard intelligently in her hour of shame. Respond to her real need; her future. Brandoch Lovely '52

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