March on Fay House Protests Punishments

While Mrs. Bunting was explaining why the Judicial Board decided that the panel was unsatisfactory, many students were yelling and hissing from the crowd. When she finished, Mrs. Bunting turned and went back to her office.

Shouting Down

The students followed her upstairs and filled her office and the rooms adjoining it. Discussion went on for another half hour, often deteriorating into shouting from the crowd. At one point, a girl yelled, "Hey, guys, we don't want to shout her down."

When asked what she thought of the seven SDS demands, Mrs. Bunting replied, "I don't think this is the occasion to discuss them." She said that she thought ROTC should establish a center in Boston, not affiliated with any university.

"Nothing to Gain"


At 12:30, Miss Schapiro said, "I don't think there's anything more to be gained from this dialogue." Most of the students left, chanting "Smash ROTC, No Expansion."

News and camera men who had been unable to enter the office because it was so crowed then went in and interviewed Mrs. Bunting. When asked about the students, she said, "Like so many other things that go on these days, they take a lot of people's time without really wanting to talk about issues--but that's okay by me.