Yale Daily Runners Accept Crimson Marathon Challenge

The Yale Daily News has decided to try again. After years of disappointment on the gridiron and baseball diamond in competition with the CRIMSON, the News has accepted the CRIMSON's challenge to a showdown in this spring's Boston Marathon, April 21.

In a humorous letter of acceptance written by the News' Marathon coach David H. Nix, the following bold words announced their confidence: "Ye of the uncivilized north take heed, and decided now whether you dare follow through on your presumptuous challenge, for we vow to show no mercy."

The News runners, who named themselves the Britton Hadden Striders, claim that they hold all records for the 72-mile dash to Pedro's in New York. One would expect a group of Yalies to have this distinction. But the Striders will be greeted with beef stew at the finish of Marathon, and this may be less of an incentive.

Bow Wow Wow

The competition will be scored like a cross country race, and probably the top three finishers for each team will count. Both newspapers have tentative plans to enter five runners. The runners for he CRIMSON are President Jim Fallows, Vic Schrager, Pat Hindert, Scott Jacobs and Ben Beach.


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