The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

I was very interested in your story last week carrying the headline that Professors Weisner and Chayes had testified against the ABM.

In a recent tour of California colleges, a question on that subject was asked me. Here is the exchange from the tapes.

STUDENT: Mr. Capp. is there any longer any valid defense of the ABM after the news that such distinguished men as Professors Jerome Weisner of M. I. T. and Abraham Chayes of Harvard came out against it in the study commissioned by Senator Teddy Kennedy?

CAPP: It would be news if Professors Weisner and Chayes DIDN'T come out against anything any Kennedy was against.


Ask yourself this: With Teddy Kennedy against the ABM, could a "study" by Weisner and Chayes have come out FOR it? Or ask yourself this: Was any "study" necessary to get the right answers from Professors so devoted that, in ten years, they have never differed from any Kennedy ion any issue?

And then ask yourself this: Has Teddy Kennedy inherited the wisdom of his brothers or merely their professors?