AAS Concentrators, Afro To Elect Representatives

The six student representatives on the Standing Committee on Afro-American Studies (AAS) will be chosen sometime in the next week, and the expanded Standing Committee will probably hold its first meeting next Wednesday.

The six students will join the committee according to the provisions of a resolution passed at the April 22 Faculty meeting. Three of the representatives will come from concentrators in the AAS department, and three from the Association of African and Afro-American Students (Afro).

Edward S. Mason, acting dean of the Faculty, said yesterday that AAS concentrators will meet next Monday to choose their three representatives. Mason said he has extended the deadline for applications to the AAS department until tonight.

Afro will postpone its election until after the AAS concentrators' meeting. Leslie F. Griffin, president of Afro, told Mason yesterday that the names of the Afro representatives would be ready next Tuesday.

In response to recent criticism of the AAS department and the students' role in governing it, Mason said, "I think the program can be made to work. The chairman believes it can work; at least seven Faculty members believe it can be made to work."

"The full resources of the dean's office will be behind it," Mason said. "We will just have to wait and see how it develops."

On Tuesday, the newly-appointed temporary chairman of the Standing Committee--Richard A. Musgrave, professor of Economics--asked the Faculty to withhold judgement of the program until "we have been given a chance to succeed."