Warriors Draft Girl

A real blow was struck to women's rights yesterday when NBA president Walter Kennedy ruled that the San Francisco Warriors could not keep Denise Long, an Iowa high school girl whom they drafted Wednesday.

"We were serious," claimed Frank Mieuli, the owner and president of the Warriors. "She is supposed to be very good," Mieuli said, adding, "She scored 93 points."

Miss Long was understandably disappointed. "I think I could have played with them," the tall mid-western girl said. Asked what she thought about being drafted, Miss Long replied, "I think it's kinda' cute."

In Cambridge, Crimson sports editor Pete Lennon reacted with outrage. "If the Milwaukee Bucks can draft Alcindor, I don't see why the Warriors can't draft Long," Lennon fumed.

In other basketball news, Boston Mayor Kevin White proclaimed today "Boston Celtics Day" in the city.