The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard and Clark

From the Spindle

I have fallen through black nights it seems with the times that are blind.

And I've watched your thoughts stray into dreams When you're not satisfied,

But when the door closes before my eyes Oh, I will cry,

Just to know you are going to stay Out on the side.

One of the main ties to C&W is that many of the songs seem fixed in a rural atmosphere. Rolling downtown with a five dollar bill to show your girl a thing or two, or getting hung-up in New Orleans on a chick with "cold, evil eyes" are nothing but country.


The record sets high instrumental standards, avoiding banjo-picking contests, but showing absolute competence. The songs are carried by guitar, banjo and mandolin, with some very nice blues harp (Gene Clark) and electric harpsichord (Andy Belling) mellowing down the strings.

Just how relevant Dillard and Clark are to actual trends will probably show up in a couple of months, after the initial impact of the new Dylan album. But in the meantime, if you're tripping, go with The Fantastic Expedition.