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This summer, many Boston radicals are taking a long look at American society, socialism, and the student movement in general.

Some 200 college students in Boston are participating in the nine week long series of discussions called. The Movement School. Most of the students are from Harvard, many from the Summer School.

"We want to give people in the movement an opportunity to consolidate their analysis of American society and to talk to people," Daniel S. Gilbarg, and Education School student and an organizer of the course, said. "At the end of the summer, we will also examine various tactics for the student movement and suggestions about where to go from here," he said.

The course meets in 25 different groups mostly at the home of each group's leader. Though the leaders are largely affiliated with SDS's New Left caucus, some members of the Workers-Student Alliance caucus are leading sections. The reading for the course includes the Progressive Labor Party's Trade Union Program and their position papers on Black Liberation.


The curriculum is organized around specific questions with short readings listed for each meeting as a basis for discussion. Topics include Strategy for Revolution, Female Liberation, Socialism, and the Working Class.

"We hope that radical will feel free to express their doubts and questions," Gilbarg said. "Though the section leaders have planned a program, each group will be free about what it wants," he added.

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