Arlington Youth Attacked; Police Suspect Student

A 19-year-old Arlington youth suffered injuries as the result of an incident that probably involves an unidentified Summer School student. The incident occured near Child Hall about midnight on Wednesday. The victim, Harold Jones, was taken by police to the Cambridge City Hospital, where he was released early Thursday morning after being treated for head injuries.

John Tolleson, a proctor at the Summer School, is presently attempting to determine the identity of the assailant, who, police feel, attends the Summer School. He expects the make a definite identification sometime today.

According to Jones, he was stopped by the unidentified man about 11:30 Wednesday night. "Where is the $25 you owe me?" the man asked. When Jones objected, the man took his wallet and began kicking him.

Other students at the Summer School have told Tolleson that Jones did indeed owe the money and had refused to repay it.

Tolleson discovered Jones, his head bleeding, at 11:45 near Child. Two Harvard police cars, responding to an anonymous call, were in the area, but had not been able to locate the disturbance.


They first took Jones to University Health Services, where he was given emergency treatment. When it was discovered that he was not a Harvard student, police then took him to the Cambridge City Hospital.