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Trout Fishing


this is a hell of a chance to help kids and to get the publicity for doing it," he added.

Trout Fishing as already received definite commitments from 50 "teachers" for this Fall. Ronald F. Litt e, another of the school's founders, said yesterday.

Tuition for students will be $10 a month. The only requirement is "participation and effort," Little said. "All participants must do something or they will be asked top leave, to return only wen they are ready to exert themselves," he added.

"Any Trout Fishing student can become a teacher at the precise moment that he so decides." Little said. "Our goal is to have a school of teachers of all ages, people who have come together to learn from each other."

Trout Fishing students and teachers will built the school together inside of a yet-to-be-rented building in September. A central section of the school will be a public coffee house where other people can join in the school's activity.

"People can stay around the coffee house for about a week looking us over without doing anything." Little said. "Then they'll have to decide either to participate or to leave."

Miller explained, "We're really going to teach. We will be very strict about people coming and just hanging around. It's not a crash pad."

The school will have two resident doctors who will give free medical service. Trout Fishing will also try to help students and other people find jobs and food. "We've for a lot of ins for getting jobs. We know when Haymarket closes and when you can get free food. We know where you're guaranteed to get busted stealing.' Miller said.

"As, more kids find the school systems absolutely antithetical to their personalities, there are going to be more kids who will need schools like ours,' 'Miller said. "I declare Trout Fishing is here."

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