Stauder's Three-Year Teaching Post Terminated; Corporation Approves Four Other Appointments

The Corporation has terminated the three-year teaching appointment of Jack R. Stauder 61, instructor in Social Anthropology, for "grave misconduct and neglect of duty."

With the consent of the Social Relations Department, the Corporation will appoint Stauder as an instructor for one year at his present salary but will suspend him from teaching during the first semester.

Stauder was the highest ranking Corporation appointee to be arrested in University Hall last April.

If no disciplinary action had been taken. Stauder would have been appointed as a lecturer for two years with an increase in salary.

On September 8 the Corporation voted to accept the findings of the Joint Committee, which charged that Stauder's "grave misconduct" was to encourage and participate in the forcible occupation of University Hall.


Stauder's "neglect of duty," the Joint Committee said, was his "failure to explain fully his misconduct to a duly constituted body engaged in disciplinary proceedings."

The Joint Committee, composed of three Faculty members of the Committee of 15 and two Corporation members, was established June 26 to in-

vestigate Stauder's case and to recommend possible disciplinary action.


Referring to Stauder's occupation of University Hall, the Joint Committee stated that "it represents a singularly irresponsible abdication of a teacher's obligations to students. By encouraging students to persist in such activity-even, indeed, by failing to take positive action to dissuade them-a teacher thereby places such students as look to him for counsel and example in both legal and disciplinary jeopardy."

Citing Stauder's behavior before the Joint Committee, the report stated "Our concern is not with Dr. Stauder's style, but... his failure to explain or discuss his misconduct, it must be emphasized, constituted implicit contempt of that entire Faculty."

On July 28, Stauder appeared before the Joint Committee but read only a prepared statement and then left the proceedings. In his statement, Stauder insisted on a public hearing for himself this Fall, "when all interested students and Faculty could attend."

On Dec. 17, 1968, the Soc. Rel. Department voted to promote Stauder from instructor at $7800 to lecturer at $9000. His promotion recommendation was forwarded to Dean Ford's office on April 3.

'Rights Protected'

Roger W. Brown, chairman of the Social Relations Department, was present when Stauder went before the Joint Committee, Brown said last Friday. "I was personally satisfied that his rights were protected, I think the decision was a just one."

Brown added that the anthropology division of the Soc Rel Department will meet next week to decide on Stauder's reappointment for this academic year. As far as an appointment for Stauder after this year. Brown said, "the main relevant question would be whether the anthropology wing of the department needs him."

It seems certain that the Soc Rel Department will consent to Stauder's reappointment for this academic year. Irven DeVore, chairman of the anthropology wing, said last Friday "I would be very surprised if the Soc Rel fac did anything but make a recommendation that Stauder be reappointed."