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A Divided Soc Rel Dept. Approves Corporation Punishment of Stauder

By Samuel Z. Goldhaber

The senior members of the sharply-divided Social Relations department met. Thursday, and, after lengthy debate, recommended Jack R. Stauder 61 for reappointment on the terms which the Corporation had requested.

Of about 15 faculty members, a majority finally agreed on a Stauder resolution containing the Corporation's stated limitations:

denying Stauder a $1200 pay raise as a lecturer.

giving him a one-year rather than two-year appointment,

and suspending him from teaching during the first semester of this academic year.

But to statisfy the liberal faction, the department, with only one dissenting vote, decided to append to its Stauder resolution those considerations about procedure and proposals on alternative action which Soc Rel liberals feel the Administration may have overlooked.

Procedures which bothered the liberals focused on the Corporation's fait accompli which was presented to the Soc Rel department.

Proposals on alternative action included:

reaffirming the Soc Rel department's pre-April endorsement of Stauder,

discussing the Stauder case directly with the Joint Committee,

discussing the Stauder case directly with the Corporation,

and formally voting the Corporation's suggestions for Stauder but informally voting that Stauder be reinstated.

Of these four alternatives, the move most seriously discussed and the idea which came closest to passing was the formal/informal vote proposal.

Over this weekend the liberals will write up their individual viewpoints and will submit them to Roger W. Brown. chairman of the Soc Rel department. Brown. in a letter to the Corporation which will state the final resolution of the Soc Rel department. will append the statements of the Soc Ril liberals.

On Tuesday, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will consider regularizin the procedures which were used to discipline Stauder. Some people have charged. that the Tuesday Faculty meeting has been scheduled without the advance notice which is usually given.

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