Ex-Yalies Hill and Dowling Shine on Professional Teams

Calvin Hill, one of the best players on Yale's football team last year, carried 23 times for 138 yards and two touch-downs to help the Dallas Cowboys edge the New Orleans Saints, 21-17. Sunday. Last week. Hill was the NFL Offensive Player of the Week.

Meanwhile. Brian Dowling is second-string quarterback for the Bridgeport Jets of the Atlantic Coast Football League. Dowling. who was often compared to the legendary Frank Merriwell and was featured last fall in the CRIMSON's "Making of a Hero." was the starting quarter-back for the winless Jets until they acquired an NFL veteran.

In Dallas, Ben Thomas of the Associated Press wrote, "Hill saved the day for Dallas with his running." The former Yale fullback was picked first by the Cowboys and was to be used as an end, but was switched just before the season's start to halfback.

This is not the first time that Hill has met with success. He is a member of the Friendship Church in Baltimore, and in 1965 was given a Certificate of Award from his community and was named Youth of the Year, a sure indication that stardom and a career at a great institution lay ahead.

Yale coach Carmen Cozza had nothing but praise for Hill. "I'd like to see him in the same backfield with O.J. Simpson and Leroy Keyes-he wouldn't be embarrassed." Cozza said. Dartmouth's Bob Blackman said. "He must be regarded as the most dangerous back in the history of the Ivy League."


Many have compared his running style to that of Jimmy Brown. the movie star who once played for the Cleyeland Browns Hill's plans are to attend divinity school.