Pusey Announces 25 On Governance Body

President Pusey announced last Thursday the names of 25 of the 35 members of the newly-formed University Committee on Governance. The other ten have not yet been appointed.

The committee, established at the request of the Board of Overseers, will recommend ways to improve Harvard's central governing processes.

John T. Dunlop, David A. Wells Professor of Political Economy, will chair the committee. Other members include:

From the Business School-Kenneth R. Andrews, Donald K. David Professor of Business Administration; Paul R. Lawrence, Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Organizational Behavior; and John R. Falk, a second-year Business School student.

From the Design School-William A. Doebele Jr., professor of Advanced Environmental Studies in the Field of Implementation; Charles W. Harris, professor


of Landscape Architecture; and Thomas E. Nutt, a Design Schol student;

From the Divinity School-James S. N. Preus, assistant professor of Church History; C. Conrad Wright 37, John Bartlett Lecturer on Church History; and William N. Smith, a second-year Divinity School student; From the School of Education-Mrs. Florence S. Ladd; Walter J. McCann, Jr., lecturer on Education; and Jerome A. Pieh, an Ed School student;

From the Kennedy School of Government-Graham T. Allison '52, assistant professor of Political Economy; and Paul A. London, a student at the Kennedy School;

From the Medical School-Elkan R. Blont, Edward S. Harkness Professor of Bilological Chemistry; William V. McDermott Jr. '38, professor of Surgery; and Thomas B. MacKenzie, a third-year Med School student;

From the School of Public Health-James L. Whittenberger, James Stevens Simmons Professor of Public Health; Alonzo S. Yerby, professor of Health Services Administration; and Hugh H. Tilson, a student at the School of Public Health;

F. Stanton Deland '36 and George Putnam Jr. '49. from the Board of Overseers; and

Mrs. Mary L. Bundy, vice-chairman of the Radeliffe Board of Trustees.

The deans of each of the graduate faculties nominated the representatives from their own schools.

Still to be appointed are two faculty and three student members of the Commit?ee of Fifteen. to represent the School of Arts and Sciences: two professors and one studen from the Law School; one Fellow and one member of the Associated Harvard Alumni.