Radcliffe Sailing Team Triumphs In Jackson Captain's Cup Regatta

Four Radcliffe girls fought poor weather conditions and seven other area colleges last saturday to win the Jackson Captain's Cup sailing regatta.

Competition was divided into two divisions with three races in each division. Representing Radcliffe in the A division competition were captain Sandy Storer '70, the skipper of the boat, and crew Barbara Grant '73, Lisa Fulweiler '71 skippered Radcliffe's B division boat while Julia Reid '73 crewed.

Although Saturday's weather may have been perfect for the football game in Soldiers' Stadium. The extremely light winds hampered racing conditions. Competition in each division was held to three heats because of the variable winds.

The Radcliffe team was never seriously challenged in the regatta, winning handily with a total of 12 points. In each of the two divisions. Radcliffe had a first, second, and third place finish in the three heats.

The closest challenging team was from Newton College, finishing second in the regatta standings with 19 team points. Jackson and M.I.T. followed in a tie for third place with 27 points apiece.


Radcliffe will defend its top honors this Sunday in a regatta to be hosted by M.I.T.