The Mail A PLEA ...

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

You peace-loving people of America have made great successes in the struggle against the imperialist war and for peace and justice in 1969.

I sincerely congratulate on your successes [sic].

The struggle of the Korean people to prevent the outbreak of another war in Korea and realize the peaceful unification of Korea and your struggle against the aggressive war of imperialism for safeguarding the real interests of the American people are an interlinked common struggle.

As you know, there has been created a dangerous situation in Korea today in which a war may break out at any moment due to the U. S. imperialists' maneuverings.


Such being the situation, it is an urgent task not only for the Korean people but also for you peace loving people of America to prevent the outbreak of a new war and safeguard peace in Korea:

I wish you greater success in your stuggle [sic] for peace and justice in the new year of 1970.

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