Soaking Up the Bennies

"Hi, I'm Frank Champi here in the Harvard locker room waiting for the Crimson to come in off the field, We'll be talking to coach John Yovicsin, who had hoped to gain his 75th Harvard victory today, and maybe to some of his players.

"In case you just tuned in, Harvard scored 16 points in the last 22 seconds to tie Dartmouth, 23-23, in one of the most exciting games I've ever seen. And the way the Crimson did it was even more amazing. Yovicsin, who has always had a great intuitive feel for the special talents of his young men, sent in third-string quarterback Rex Blankenship.

"Young Blankenship was nothing short of fantastic as he directed the two final scoring drives.

"The tie, of course, means that Dartmouth coach Bob Blackman can't bite into the scoreboard-shaped cake commemorating his 100th victory. Too bad. You can get pretty hungry during a game out there. Yovicsin was to have enjoyed 75 cupcakes for his 75 wins. Here comes Yovicsin now.

"Hi, coach, how does it feel to finish a game like that?"

"Just fine, Frank. I was real proud of the boys."

"How about this boy Blankenship? He looked pretty good out there. Did you plan it that way?"

"Rex did a good job for us today, but it wasn't planned."

"Well, coach, is Blankenship your number one quarterback?"

"I'd have to say that he's number one; number one behind Eric Crone. Crone, of course, is number one behind Rod Foster. You know as well as I do, Frank, that these stars can be flash in the pans."

CORNELL-YALE: Looks as if Cornell may be flash in the pans, too. And with Furbush injured, the Big Red isn't likely to get any better. I'd expect Marinaro to gain more than the 30 yards he picked up last year against Yale, especially since the Elis' linebacker Bob Perschel is out, but not enough to win. If Cornell had defeated Harvard, maybe I could be more optimistic, but after all. Yale, 30-19.

PENN-PRINCETON: A guy who must have been really clever once said, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." And today Penn plays Princeton. Penn used to be terrible, then it brought in a lot of jocks and got good. Now the Quakers are lousy again. Princeton has disappointed its fans, and now the Tiger costume is worn out. But why should Princeton lose to Penn? No reason. The Tigers, 27-18.

BROWN-COLGATE: Imagine being the promoter who brought this game to Providence. What next? The annual chess match between Roger Williams Jr College and Salem State? Granted, after playing Yale and Dartmouth on successive weekends, Brown deserves a break. But Colgate? It's too late to cancel the game, though. The Bruins, 24-17.

COLUMBIA-RUTGERS: New York football observers were shocked this morning when Mayor Lindsay, an Ivy Leaguer and a New Yorker, endorsed the Rutgers football team. Lindsay said he could keep silent no longer. So now a prediction is tougher than ever. But on the other hand, this one's as easy to guess as the rest. The Lion, 33-14.

DARTMOUTH-HARVARD: You win some, you lose some, and the rest you're smart enough not to show up for. when the Indians get drunk in Cambridge tonight, they want it to be a happy drunk, not a sad drunk. So they have to win. And it would be Blackman's 100th victory. Dartmouth will go out and win it, for Bobby and Green Mountain. The Cap'n says 23-2.

N.B.: The prediction that Harvard would win 28-14 last week was a typographical error. It was 28-24 on the copy, but due to an overdose of Cap'n Crunch, Feenie set it wrong.