SMC Will Support Demonstrators; Overturns Last Week's Resolution

The Harvard-Radcliffe chapter of the Student Mobilization Committee voted last night to change its mind and support the national moratorium on October 31, including the antiwar demonstration on Boston Common.

Last week the SMC voted 15-5 to withhold its support of the October 31 mass demonstration and instead endorsed a day of intensive political activity in support of Referendum '70,

This decision was overturned last night when a much larger crowd voted 23-13 to consider the October demonstration a legitimate part of its activities.

SMC members pointed out that one of the main objectives of the Boston demonstration is to inform people about Referendum '70 and get them to vote for an immediate withdrawal of United States troops from Vietnam on the referendum on the November ballot.

James K. Galbraith '74 repeated his reasons for proposing the old resolution saying that the demonstration would hurt the cause of peace candidates and Referendum '70.

The October 31 demonstration was called for last summer by the National Peace Action Coalition and the National Student Mobilization Committee to show mass support for immediate withdrawal from Vietnam.