Crimson's Shutout Bid Ruined By Jet Plane

The noise of a jet airplane enabled Harvard's football managers to score a last-minute safety yesterday and thus ruined the CRIMSON'S chance for its first shutout in 285 games of touch football.

But the CRIMSON won the game, 23-2, to complete a sweep of two weekend contest. Saturday's victim was the Daily Pennsylvanian.

Sunday, the CRIMSON offense played its finest game of the season, driving up and down the field at will. "There was simply no way we could stop them," said Frank Spencer, who captained the managers.

The controversial safety came on the game's last play. Both sides had agreed to play until the noon bell rang, but a jet flew overhead as the bell sounded, and though the managers were able to hear it, they did not alert the CRIMSON. The safety came five minutes later.

The day before, Jeff Rothbard and Mary Dash had brought a determined DP team to Cambridge. But after the CRIMSON scored on its first three plays from scrimmage, the visitors' morale sagged, and they never recovered.