Panthers to Hold New Haven Rally

Demonstrators will show their support for Bobby Seale and Ericka Huggins in a rally sponsored by the Committee to Defend the Panthers on the New Haven Green at noon today.

Speakers at the rally will include Abbie Hoffman and David Dellinger of the Chicago 7, Michael Tabor of the New York 21, Penny Jackson, and Elaine Brown, member of the Anti-Imperialist delegation which went with Eldridge Cleaver to North Vietnam, North Korea, and China.

Big Crowd

The New Haven chapter of the Committee has estimated a crowd of 5000 people will attend the rally from chapters in Boston, New York, Buffalo, Ithaca, Washington and Philadelphia.

Yale students have so far given the rally very little support. In a meeting called last week by the Committee only 120 Yale students came to show their support.


Last April an estimated crowd of 12,000 people demonstrated to free Bobby Seale in the May Day rally in New Haven.