Two Snack Bars to Open: Radcliffe Quad Is Changing

Not all of the changes at Radcliffe this year are related to the 311 men who are living there.

With pottery classes, a painting studio, day-care center, and two snack bars about to open, Radcliffe is offering a larger number of possibilities than ever before. "Now when I come back to the Quad I feel like I am somewhere," a junior said.

"I think the atmosphere is more cultural now, less oriented toward Strawberry Breakfasts and Jolly-Ups," Mrs. Shirley Broner, secretary of South House, said.

The physical organization of Radcliffe is different, too. East House, which included Cabot, Whitman and Eliot Halls, has been absorbed by South House. Currier House, built in one unit as are Harvard Houses, includes Daniels Hall.

Broner cited the new resident tutor program as one incentive to a more intellectual life at Radcliffe. "Many of the tutors have set up discussion tables at dinner, and we're having more guest speakers this year," she added.

"To a large extent the social problem has been resolved with men living here, so the girls are no longer preoccupied with it," Gillian Gill, Head Resident of Whitman Hall, commented. Last year, Gill noticed a feeling that "life at Radcliffe would only become worthwhile with coed living."

Now, with a greater consciousness of the feminist movement among Radcliffe women, "men are no longer considered the answer to all problems. There is a community developing here," she said.

RUS Elections

The Radcliffe Union of Students, the only remaining student governing body with power, will be holding elections in December. "We have decided to define our constituency as female undergraduates, although the men living at Radcliffe will have some influence," Nancy. Beth Gordon, president of RUS, said yesterday.