Fencers Stun CCNY, 21-6; Squad Sweeps Second Win

The C. C. N. Y. fencing team came to Cambridge Saturday expecting to win an easy match over a weak Harvard squad. Instead the New Yorkers were hit with a nightmare as the Crimson won, 21-6.

"Before the match, the C. C. N. Y. captain told me that his team was going to beat us. Boy, were they surprised when we dumped them so badly," co-captain Larry Cetrulo said yesterday.

It was the Crimson's second consecutive win this year. In both matches, the Harvard team has been so good that the opposition has won only 11 out of 54 bouts. The Crimson beat Southeastern Massachusetts in the first match, 22-5.


The Harvard foil team won eight out of nine bouts, while the sabermen won seven, and the epee squad took six. Cetrulo, co-captain Mickey Irvings, Tom Keller, and sophomore Ron Bernstein won all their bouts.

At the foil, All-American Keller improved over his performance against Southeastern and won his bouts without difficulty, allowing his opposition only three touches in the match. Bernstein, last year's freshman captain, won exciting matches, but he was not as disciplined as Keller. Don Vallantyne, another sophomore, would have swept his three bouts if he had overcome his nervousness in the first round.


Hot and Cold

Co-captain Irvings, hot and cold all last season, seems to be developing the same pattern again this year. Messy in his first outing against Southeastern. Irvings came back against C. C. N. Y. with a strong, steady performance that won him three easy bouts. Rich Bargar pushed himself hard, and won two of his bouts. Al Shaw split two decisions, and his replacement. John Williams, lost.

The match was a first in Crimson history because it was held on the main gym floor of the IAB. "The new site certainly helped some of us. I know that I wasn't scared of running into the wall when I charged." Cetrulo said.

Cetrulo rid of his fear of running into walls, did not allow his opponents to charge once in his three wins. Ken Hetzler and Rick Tolbert would have won all their bouts too, if both hadn't gotten sloppy in the second round.