Senate Committee Approves Funds To Aid Cambodia

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday approved President Nixon's request for $255 million in aid to Cambodia, but simultaneously denied any intention to obligate U. S. troops to defend that country.

In ruling out American ground-combat troops or military advisors, however, the committee did not place a ban on U. S. air support of Cambodian forces.

This decision came on the heels of the formation of a new air cavalry brigade in Vietnam, designed to provide air cover for withdrawing American troops.

The U. S. Command also announced that the phased withdrawal of American troops is proceeding faster than the announced schedule, with less than 344,000 soldiers now remaining.

The committee vote was 8-4 in favor of the aid package that authorized funds for Cambodia, South Korea, and Vietnam. Voting against the proposal were committee chairman J. W. Fulbright (D-Ark.). Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.), Stuart Symington (D-Mo.), and Albert Gore (D-Tenn.).