'Juche' Will Go On Trial Today

Seven people who were arrested in a police raid on the Juche collective last month will go to trial this morning in Cambridge Third District Court.

Each is charged with one or more of the following: possession of narcotics, knowingly being in the presence of narcotics, possession of illegal firearms, and conspiracy to violate the firearms law. Each charge carries a possible term of several years in jail.

The seven-all of whom were bailed out soon after the raid-claim that police planted narcotics in the apartment at 452 Franklin St.

They also say that the owners of guns taken in the raid had registered as gun-owners under the firearms law.

After a hearing yesterday at which Judge M. Edward Viola ordered police to return several objects seized during the raid, one of those charged with illegal gun possession recovered his firearms identification card.


Police also returned $40 in cash, two suitcases, and a large batch of books and papers. A box of books and a stereo turntable were among the objects taken during the raid. (CRIMSON, Nov. 18)

Police deny, however, that any turntable was taken and they did not return one yesterday.

Those in the collective claim that an additional $200 in cash, an electric saw, and stereo speakers were taken but not returned.