Kids, stray dogs, coke repairman thrill as fencers stick it to Trinity

Trinity College's fencing team could not hold Miss Kate Smith at bay with a broomstick, the story ran: why those boys would virtually hurt themselves on your blades. And so Harvard was going to beat the epee out of them to say nothing of the sabre and foil by employing its rinky-dinks. All-Americans Tom Keller and Larry Cetrulo would sit this one out, thinking restful thoughts against the big Ivy meet with Penn on Saturday, while the subs carved on the poor Trinity lads at their leisure.

Harvard w?, its true taking 17 of 27 matches. But at one point the Harvards found themselves down in hours, 8-7, and their own fencers looking like men trying to brash their teeth in (??) Cetrulo, he of the mighty sabre off the bench to poke and (??) a poor Trinity (??) touches to one, whereupon Keller, resembling a surgeon who didn't very much like his patient, cut up a victim five to zip. Thus inspired. Harvard's lesser lights finally quit puffing like fat men chasing a bus and got a little more art in their lunges.

Roy Welssman was the only Harvard with a blade to winthree bouts, he being a specialist of the foil, Mr. Welssman had a tendency to turn his back on opponents now and again, checking his progress against the scoring machine, whereupon he was fetched several stout clonis from the rear. This may not have been sporting of Trinity's lads, but it was legal, and the citizen Welssman would do well in tougher company to guard his backside with more enthusiasm.

Harvard's follers won seven of nine bouts: its men of the epee matched that record, though its sabre lads won but four of nine. Elliott Hurwitz skewered three straight. Trinity foilers, and Bill Castle, embarrassed by an early loss, won two straight using the same instrument. As for the specific techniques, you must await more experienced witnesses, this being my first exposure to (??) and slashing outside the political arena.

One would do well, witnessing fencing, to bring a pack lunch. The afternoon lasted thirty minutes long (??) World War II (??) on the (??) nubmered seven at their peak not counting a fellow who came to (??) the Co (??) machirre. Coach Edo Marion sometimes turned his back on the action to post notices on a blackboard about ape?ing matches at Holy Cross, bus schedules and pre-game meals. Directors, hearing much resemblance to references stopped the action in numerable times to give opinions as complete and lengthy as edicts returned by our higher courts. You cannot smoke in the fencing room without offending fire marshals, the disciplinary committee, and sign painters. Coaches instructing players got argued with on certain points of technique. Little lost children and stray dogs visited briefly. Coach Marion consumed several sandwiches and a bag of doughnuts. Electronic gadgets rigged to register touches several times broke down beyond attendant Jock's understanding. Fencers, upon completing their individual duties, dressed hurriedly and departed for other amusements. There were those on the sidelines who envied them. (??) the Trinity lads


Harvard out-(??) 107-93, or thereabouts, assuming (??) things matter under the rules. Or maybe it was 117 to 93. My notes got wet in the rain.

The Crimson freshman team tests Concord High at Concord today, and on Thursday the varsity visits Holy Cross. They will be at least one spectator short in each instance.