Foil Trio Leads Varsity Fencers To 18-9 Triumph

Harvard's foil trio delivered an unexpected seven victories against Rutgers last night in the IAB, leading the Crimson to a resounding 18-9 triumph.

"This is a sport of aggression," coach Edo Marion said after the match. "and I have been encouraging all the boys to be more aggressive in their attack."

Marion's talks with foil Tom Keller paid off as Keller won three bouts in his best fencing exhibition since he returned to the team last month. "I am confident that Keller will regain his usual winning form of last year by the Yale match and Intercollegiates," Marion said.

Senior John Reitz still seemed bothered by his long absence due to illness earlier in the season. "Reitz was not aggressive. He didn't show any confidence or security," Marion said after Reitz dropped two of his bouts in the epee. Mark Irvings gave the Crimson a 5-4 edge at epee by taking all three of his matches.

In the sabre Lanry Cetrulo was his usual destructive self, winning his only two contests. Marion used Patri Pugliese. Emile Godfrey, and Scott Beckett, and the three sophomores combined for two victories.