Mrs. Riley's Punch Earns Praise At Well-Attended Post-Meet Party

The undefeated season was over, Beer? Champagne? A night out on the town with a you-know-what? Nope. Chocolate chip cookies and a fruit-flavored punch.

At yesterday afternoon's meet against the women from Wellesley, the Radcliffe swimmers dominated the competition in the pool and at the cookies and punch party afterwards. Some talked about their horses, some about the upcoming tennis season.

Although some of the cookies were bought, most of them were baked by coach Anne McCabe and members of the team. The chocolate chip cookies were a bit overdone, but extremely edible. For brownie-lovers, there was a choice-the moist, clingy type or the dry austere type.

Potato chips and pretzels of two different sizes were provided for those who did not like the cookies. There was even a choice of three dips for the spectators and swimmers in attendance-mild onion, sharp onion, and pepper. "Wow, this pepper dip reminds me of the Islands," one of the male spectators was overheard saying.

Mrs. Riley's punch, however, drew the most, and the most favorable, critical acclaim. Many people couldn't drink just one cup of it and went back several times. "It's a secret recipe, but it does include cranberry juice, lemon juice, orange juice, and ginger ale," Mrs. Riley said nicely.


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