To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

We members of the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard Association were impressed by the recent series of articles by David Landau which appeared in the CRIMSON. It is one of the few factual and objective accounts of Harvard's housing problems in the Medical School area that we have seen in print.

However, there is one point which appeared in these articles and in an earlier article which is in error. This concerns the application to the Permanent Charities Fund for a grant to pay the RTOHA consultant, Mr. John Sharratt. This application was submitted by the Tenants' Association and signed by the officers of the Association. I, personally, went to Permanent Charities and made a presentation on behalf of the Tenants' Association to try to secure these funds.

Dr. Steve Miller and Harvard did not file this application although Dean Ebert did agree to send a letter of endorsement to the Permanent Charities Fund. I do not have personal knowledge that this letter was sent but I assume that it was.

We trust that this will clarify the misimpression of how these funds were obtained.