Golf Team Defeats Amherst, Tufts

The Crimson golf team had an easy time with Tufts yesterday as it blanked the Jumbos, 7-0, but Amherst gave the Harvard golfers a real battle before losing, 4-3.

All three Crimson losses came at the top of the ladder as Harvard's three lettermen lost to experienced Amherst golfes. Of the top men, only Tim Schaaf, at the number three position, took both his matches.

Captain Yank Heisler played poorly compared to his matches against B. C. and Williams. He did beat Tufts' Bill Moeller, 3 and 2, but Amherst captain Barry DeLapp kept knocking his irons to the pins, and Heisler could not counter DeLapp's accuracy with any of his own. DeLapp won 3 and 2.

Lost Touch

Tufts' number two, Bob Johnson, lost his golf touch against the Crimson's Jack Purdy, dropping his match 7 and 6. Purdy, who had trouble with his irons, could not keep up with a very hot Dave Marx from Amherst. Only three over par for the 17 holes. Marx won 3 and 1.

Cooch Owen, returning to the line-up for the first time since the Navy match, went all the way to the 17th hole before losing to Amherst's Dave Demsey, 2 and 1. The Tufts golfer, Scott Undong, lost to Owen 3 and 1. "Cooch did well for someone who hasn't golfed in nearly two weeks, although he was really tired when he walked off the course," Helsler said yesterday.

Good Putting

"I just could not believe his putting," Amherst's Dom Valuinas said after his 5 and 4 loss to Schaaf. Schaaf was so good, in fact, that on his last five holes he needed only four putts, chipping in on one hole for a birdie. The Tufts golfer had it even worse, losing 6 and 4.

Playing 18 holes in the morning before his matches, Harvard's Skip Kistner was too good for his opponents. He walked off with two wins by the 13th hole.

Hot and cold throughout his matches, Pat Grant barely won his matches. The Tuits golfer, Ron Peanson, took him all the way to the 18th hole before losing 1-up. In one streak, Grant was under par for six holes.

Fred Sherman continued to keep the ball in the slot, and picked up two more victories, stretching his personal winning streak to five.

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