Afro-American Business Students Confiscate Latest 'HarBus News'

Members of the Harvard Business School Afro-American Student Union (AASU) confiscated all issues of the April 16 HarBus News from its distribution points yesterday morning.

Grover P. Walker, co-chairman of AASU, said last night that the confiscation was a protest against a radical slant which he said was apparent in several articles the paper has printed in the past few months.

Printed Apology


At a meeting of HarBus and Afro representatives, the proprietors of the paper agreed to apologize in print for "coming across improperly." In return Walker agreed to "inquire into the present status of the [confiscated] papers."

The proprietors also agreed to "set up a mechanism to avoid errors in the future on facts or tone of any articles."


The articles in question include one in the February 19 issue of the weekly-publication, in which the average grades of minority students and a predicted rate were reported.

Walker also attributed "racist overtones and bias" to an article in the March 7 Harbus, which allegedly portrayed black students as "incompetent" to run the Boston Assistance Program, a Business School program intended to provide student consultants to black entrepreneurs.

An article in the April 9 issue of HarBus entitled "The Other Harvard Business Game," "satirically treats the issue of black students flunking out and implies that black students get special treatment," Walker said.

Denis A. Bovin, second-year student at the Business School and chairman of the Business School Publications Board said, "We hope that this step of confiscation will never happen again." Walker added that he "hopes it will never be necessary in the future."