Grass is Green at Festival

A stiff breeze off the Charles blew marijuana smoke and kites through the air as thousands of people gathered yesterday behind Watson Rink to celebrate the Earth People's Festival of Life.

The crowd, dressed in bright colors and army drabs, was relaxed and care-free, reminiscent of last summer's Woodstock festival.

The majority of the crowd lolled on the grass or watched the prearranged events. Rock music, played from the shelter of a wooden fence at the end of Soldiers' Field, was the most popular attraction.

A variety of bands-which included Hot Dog Stand, Catfish Black. Adrien, and Sea Train-played throughout the afternoon.

Though large groups crowded around guerilla theatre performances and small bunches took part in a variety of activities, most preferred to sit, talk, smoke, and listen to the music. Political activity was minimal: only the grape-boycotters were present.

Flurries of action at times broke the

placidity: people occasionally danced, played tug-of-war, and flew kites. In addition, the ever present Hare Krishnas mingled through the crowd, dancing and singing. Marshalls roamed the area with garbage bags, keeping the area clean.

A two-day Festival had originally been planned for the overpass north of Harvard Yard, but after the April 15 riots the Cambridge City Manager revoked the permit. Instead, the Earth People held yesterday's abbreviated one-day affair.

The organizers sought yesterday the support and aid of those present for another Festival at the overpass in several weeks.