Golf Team Nips Cornell for 7th Win

Winning at the top three spots, the Crimson golf team needed Fred Sherman's eighth consecutive win to defeat the Cornell golfers at Ithaca Saturday, 4-3.

Captain Yank Heisler, Jack Purdy and Cooch Owen joined Sherman in notching victories over their Big Red opponents.

The win was the seventh for the Crimson this season against only one loss.


Teeing off at the top position, Heisler defeated the Big Red captain, Doug Surine. Surine, who managed to take a 3 and 2 decision over Heisler last year, had no chance against the aroused Heisler, The Crimson captain, shooting the best golf he has shot in a long time, was one over par for the front nine. Surine could not keep up with Heisler and lost to him five holes later, 5 and 4.

Following a similar pattern, Purdy was only one over par on the front nine against Cornell's Steve Arbrogast. But he had to take his match one hole further before defeating Arbrogast, 4 and 3.


The Cornell golf course did not give the Crimson much trouble despite some lingering snow still on the fairways. The course played long, but it only affected the short bitters, who frequently were missing the green in two and needed strong putting to keep up with the more powerful golfers.

Owen went all the way to the 18th hole before beating the Big Red's Peter Weinberg, one-up. One-down after the fifteenth hole, Owen nearly eagled the par-five 16th. He won the hole anyway with a birdie, and went on to take the 17th, and tie the 18th.

The sharp dresser on the team, Owen, almost shocked his teammates by playing in long pants. Just before he got on the course, however, Cooch whipped off his trousers, revealing a lovely pair of pink shorts. "Cooch has about 20 pairs of shorts, but he likes to play in his pink ones." teammate Purdy said last night.


Like a tank, Sherman rolled over his eighth opponent, Bill Greenhole. Driving hard down the fairways, the Crimson's sixth golfer won 3 and 1. It was the first time that Sherman had been at the number six spot.

Unfamiliar with the course, Tim Schaaf and Skip Kistner lost by identical 3 and 2 scores, Three-putting eight greens, Pat Grant lost, 6 and 3.