Exams Required In Two Courses

Two Government professors are notifying all the students in their courses that they are presently "failing" and therefore cannot receive credit for the courses. To get credit. their students will have to take the final exam either this Spring or next Fall.

Martin M. Shapiro, visiting professor of Government who teaches Government 124, and Henry C. Mansfield. professor of Government who teaches Government 106b. said yesterday that since their courses require only a midterm and a final. they will not give course credit until students pass the final exam.

"No matter what students did on the hour exam they have not yet passed the course." Mansfield said. "The intention of the Faculty was not to give credit where none is due."


"Students still have the generous option of deferring the exam until Fall," he added.


Mark Ptashne, lecturer on Biochemistry and a drafter of the resolution, said last night that "the resolution clearly states that when instructors have no information or insufficient information to award students a regular grade or a pass, students should receive a grade of credit."

At yesterday's Faculty meeting Dean Dunlop urged professors not to subvert the spirit of the resolution. He formed a committee to investigate any complaints about compliance with the resolution.